Be Here.Be Now

Hey Loves, I'm Zoe!

I am the creator and owner of Here&Now Crystal Gardens.

Aside from my love of crystals and crystal healing, I started creating after a journey of self work and shadow work.

When I hit a point of enlightenment (and I know there will be many to come) I realized making these creations not only calmed me, but to notice I am more present and in the moment.

Here and now. That is the reason why I love making these gardens!

When I create, I'm in the moment. Im at peace, at a loving energy space. Inspiration flows through me that allows me to shine my light from within.

Maybe it's the crystals and I'm surrounded by their energy, but either way it puts me in this positive and loving vibe. I'm thankful to begin this journey. I'm grateful for all who is supportive. And I appreciate all of you!

I am grateful to find my passion, a passion to be creative and at the same time help others heal themselves and be more in the moment in life!

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